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In our department, we offer two majors: Marketing and Hospitality Management. Because we are located in the heart of French Louisiana with ever-expanding restaurant, music, and tourism industries in a recession-proof economy, there are ample opportunities to learn both in the classroom and in the community.


Marketing's presence is all around us, whether we realize it or not. We teach you how to understand and measure consumer wants and needs, and then create plans of action to promote and communicate the benefits of a product. We also work in specialized areas like international, industrial, and services marketing to show you the unique challenges in today's marketing world—and then you prepare actual marketing plans and projects for local businesses. Many alumni offer internships so you can gain even more experience, so you're ready to start your career as soon as you graduate.

Hospitality Management

Acadiana is a great place to play and work, and more people are noticing — which means the tourism and travel industry is blossoming here. Our hospitality management students can't avoid earning plenty of experience, working in internships, part-time jobs, job shadowing, and hands-on labs. There are food service labs on campus, which we use for a weekly full-service dining restaurant. Our work closely with organizations learning from the employees and managers through their coursework and internships. Finally, all students complete an independent internship in their last semester to bring together their academic knowledge and skill set.


We offer a 12-credit legal studies minor for all College of Business students with specialized courses for Marketing and Hospitality Management majors. In the minor, there are two survey courses that cover the legal, economic, social, and political forces in business, and traditional business law. A thorough understanding of the laws and regulations that govern business practices is essential for all business leaders. 

If you choose not to major in Marketing or Hospitality Management, you can select one of the two as your minor. Learn more about the marketing minor and the hospitality management minor.