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Featured Courses

Two Business Law survey courses (6 hours):

  • BLAW 310, an introduction to the dynamic legal, economic and social/political world in which business entities operate, including the legal system, alternative dispute resolution, contracts, torts, employment law, business organizations, ethical and global factors; and,
  • BLAW 420, a comprehensive study of traditional business law topics including a brief review of contracts, employment law, business organizations, a study of property, trusts and estates, consumer protection, bankruptcy, suretyship, mortgages, the Uniform Commercial Code Articles 2‐9, securities regulations, and accountant’s legal liability.

Marketing and Hospitality Management majors (6 hours):

  • BLAW 421 and
  • BLAW 412 or 415 or 425 or 240*

*Note: BLAW 240 is not a 300‐level course and cannot be used as a business elective. It can be used as a free elective. It will be accepted to meet the requirements of the BLAW concentration. Notary Public Exam Prep, when offered as a BLAW 440 Special Topics course, may be taken in place of BLAW 240 and will count both toward the BLAW concentration or minor and as a business elective.