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Through a combination of theoretical classroom study and practical, real-world experience, you have the opportunity to gain the skills you need to become an effective manager after graduation. Our coursework covers all aspects of business, especially business organization, production, sales and marketing, accounting, and personnel administration. 

In addition to your regular coursework, you can participate in a variety of programs, such as internships, independent studies, or UL Lafayette’s summer seminars in France. Upon graduation, you will be well versed in the techniques and skills needed to manage an organization in order to achieve business goals. 

The Professor Says

Head of the Management Department Dr. Mark Smith answered questions to give insight into the management education.

How do you help your students succeed both in and out of the classroom?

“I try to give students what I would want to know if I were in their position, whether it comes from life, advising, or anything. I teach things that I believe are useful. In my classes' coursework, I always have an essay, class participation, and multiple choice. I vary my curriculum so everyone can excel in something."

What kind of advice would you give a high school senior going into the College of Business?

“Somewhere between calculus and poverty lies business. To be a successful student, knowing what’s happening in your world is a must. You just need to have passion for what you are doing, and not just go into business to make money.”