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The MCOBA Internship Program allows students to participate in on-the-job work experience that relates to their major while receiving academic credit. 

The primary objective of the business internship program is to provide meaningful, real-world experience for students in a career-related field.

Join the Program because Companies are looking for YOU

  • Build your resume by providing a record of work experience which can help you in securing full-time employment upon graduation.
  • Get credit for ONE MGMT Elective
  • Develop self-confidence and a professional work ethic.
  • Apply classroom principles and theories in real business settings.
  • Communicate and interact with professionals in the “world of work.”
  • Build a network of professional contacts.
  • Gain exposure to real-world scenarios in the workplace.
  • Earn money for the work you do (some exceptions are made to allow non-paying internships).
  • Get a head start developing your career.
  • Articulate and apply principles learned in and outside of the classroom.
  • Complete assignments that encourage in-depth reflection of the internship experience.
  • Gain exposure to real-world scenarios through practical job experiences.
  • Develop work competencies for a specific profession or occupation.
  • Develop self-confidence and a professional work ethic.

To view internship opportunities that are available, click here

For more information, call us at 337-482-5836, email us at or visit us at 204 Moody Hall.