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The Professional Land Resource Management (PLRM) program here at The University of Louisiana Lafayette enjoys generous support from the community oil and gas industry. The Professional Landmen’s Association of New Orleans (PLANO) recently gave a $30,000 gift to the program to advance the unique Landman education offered in the Department of Management.

Oliver LeBlanc, Jr, J.D. was recently hired full-time to lead the expanding program. LeBlanc brings 35 years of Landman experience to the UL program. He has been heavily involved in the expansion of the UL program within the Lafayette community and the exposure of our graduates to the Oil and Gas industry throughout the country. Even with his range and depth of experience, LeBlanc marvels at the incredible opportunities afforded to students in UL’s program. “Having such a special program right here in the Gulf Region, along a resource corridor that spans the Gulf Coast and beyond, is unprecedented," says LeBlanc.