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About Us

Here in the Department of Marketing and Hospitality, we specialize in the interaction between business and consumer. We offer two different degrees: marketing and hospitality management. With marketing, you can work to develop marketing strategies and research while working for business ranging in size from a small non-profit to a multi-national corporation. As a hospitality management graduate, you are equipped to work with the public in food service, travel and tourism, entertainment, events, and more — you are the one who makes everyone's experience enjoyable.

We know you can't get all of your knowledge from books, so we want you to obtain the skills you need in an environment where you can make mistakes, learn from them, and apply those lessons in the work force. To do that, we are home to the Northwestern Mutual Sales and Research Lab, where our national-award-winning marketing students prepare for competitions, and the Lunch Club, a weekly restaurant where our senior students cook, serve, manage, and prep a meal for university faculty and staff. Our faculty members have also spent decades in these industries and are still well connected in the region and state, and they want to help you succeed as a manager, a small business owner, or a marketing executive.